We believe it is time for Bro. King to return to the field of Albania.

Pastor Jeff Ables, Berean Baptist Church


Albania is a small Eastern European country located on the Balkan Peninsula, north of Greece and east of Italy.  The population of Albania is around 3 million people with many thousands living in the nearby countries.  While never being a part of Russia’s Eastern block countries, Albania was under one of the most oppressive communist regimes the world has ever known.  Enver Hoxha was the dictator from 1944 to 1985.  He took communism to the extreme.  He broke ties with China when Richard Nixon visited them, proclaiming that China did not hold to the true form of communism.  He even went a step further saying, “We have stepped on the head of Jesus Christ and put God in a museum, we hear by proclaim this to be an atheistic nation.”

Today, even through it’s troublesome transition from oppressive communism to democracy, Albania is a land that is ripe unto the harvest of souls.  Although the western ways are creeping into this society, there are many invitations for missionaries, and the people have an openness to the Gospel!

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Kirk & Bonnie King


Kirk and Bonnie were married in 1980. Kirk was saved at the age of 12 and Bonnie at the age of 23.  They met at their home church and were later married.  After a 15 year career in the electrical utility industry, Bro. Kirk felt the call to the field of Albania.

Deputation began in 1994, and they were on the field by March of 1995.  God blessed their time in that the harvest was truly ripe.  The city they first began planting a church in was the city of Vlora, a city of about 100,000 people at the time.  They saw over 250 people put their trust in Christ as their Savior, and over 70 were baptized.  1997 saw inner conflict in Albania to the extent that the country was thrown into anarchy.  The Kings and their four children were forced to leave.  Because the work largely consisted of young men in their late teens and early twenties it disbanded as they fled the country, as well.

After a year in the States, the family returned to the country, but this time God led them to the City of Durres.  The ministry began with knocking on every door in the city and praying that God would reveal key men for His work.  They were able to witness or leave John & Romans at every home.  However, the country still proved to be in a volatile state, and the family was once again forced to leave.

During this trip home, God answered prayer and revealed the husband He would have for their oldest daughter.

After a year in the states, the Kings went back to Durres to continue planting a church.  Their labor was rewarded and many were saved.  However, with the continued unrest in Albania and the danger of staying with two older teenage daughters and wife, Kirk accepted the offer of assistant pastor at his home church.

Today, the Kings still have a burden for Albania and the Balkan region.  Their four daughters are married, and they feel the call to return to the country.  Already knowing the language, receiving many invitations, and God opening doors the time is right for them to return to the field.

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